April 14 2024 update

update 14 Apr 2024

by Carl Bettis

in Me

An abstract pattern primarily in orange, green, and purple: a grid of dots over rounded maze patterns

I'm a songwriter!

I'm a songwriter, sort of. Musician and friend Rick Mareske long ago turned my poem "Atnas Sulac" into a song, and now it's on his newly released CD, A Stroll in the Park. (Since the song has a Nightmare Before Christmas vibe, I feel compelled to tell you that both poem and song predate that movie by some years.)

NaPoWriMo 2024

Once again, I'm writing a poem a day for National Poetry Writing Month (NaPoWriMo). Some days I dash something off hastily to make my quota, other days I work more deliberately. I'm not sure which method results in better poetry. Some of the poems are by my heteronyms. The works so far:

Date Title By Notes
Apr 01 Not All Fools Carl Bettis
Apr 02 A Ghost to His Widow Carl Bettis
Apr 03 (untitled) Sturgis Giteau Sturgis calls this poem a haiku. It has 3 lines.
Apr 04 Against Embalming Roynald O’MacRossinski
Apr 05 Tanka journal 2024-04-05 Carl Bettis
Apr 06 starlink sylvester hobson
Apr 07 Eclipse Trip, Part 1 Carl Bettis
Apr 08 Dream journal 2024-04-08 Carl Bettis
Apr 09 Tanka journal 2024-04-08 Carl Bettis
Apr 10 natural history sylvester hobson
Apr 11 Snail’s Pace Apocalypse Mort Duffy
Apr 12 Cloud-gazing Carl Bettis
Apr 13 Almanac & Book of Facts Basil Cartryte A prose poem
Apr 14 Settling Carl Bettis  

tiny frights

I'm hard at work assembling the Walpurgis 2024 issue of the tiny frights horror zine, scheduled to come out April 30th. Check out the zine, or the tiny frights podcast, or sign up for the podcast and/or ezine mailing lists!