Simplify! Complicate! Simplify!

Trimming and expanding my online life

by Carl Bettis

in Me

An abstract, recursive design of circles within circles, in shades of blue, green, yellow and orange

In an attempt to be less extremely online, I've recently:

  1. Deleted my inactive ex-Twitter accounts — all three of them.
  2. Closed my SpaceHey account, which I never used.
  3. Closed my Neocities account, which I haven't updated in months and which now seems like a chore.

On the other hand, I've also:

  1. Created a website, Reconcilable Indifference, for/by one of my heteronyms, Basil Cartryte.
  2. Created a Bandcamp for Artists account, mostly to distribute the tiny frights podcast but I won't guarantee things will stop there.
  3. Committed to creating a website, Relentless Reprobate, for/by another of my heteronyms, Ian Erinson. This is for the Community Code Jam #2.

I might have a problem.

(By the way, SpaceHey and Neocities are both great. I'm just overextended.)