Pride Actions, June 8 2023

A few things you can do for Pride, plus a poem

by Carl Bettis

in Pride

a photo of me, a gray-haired white man with glasses, turned into a jigsaw puzzle, with a piece missing from the lower right edge

Hello! In this post I list a few ways to observe Pride Month 2023, and close with a poem about my childhood.

How to celebrate Pride Month

The threatened poem

The House on Thompson Avenue

The childless couple across the street,
Mr. Little and Old Man Bingham,
fought with Dad, or he with them,
over bringing their "New York Ways" to Kansas City.
I don't know that I ever spoke to Old Man B.,
but Mr. Little always sat on their porch
at the top of a long flight of stone stairs,
and I waved when I walked by.
One year I sold peanut brittle for school.
I wanted to hustle enough to earn that transistor radio.
I huffed up those steps and made my pitch.
Mr. Little, despite dentures, bought two boxes.
A few days later he called me over
to hand me a stack of children's magazines
he must have picked up at the Salvation Army.
Mom examined each one
before she'd let me read a page.
I didn't get the radio.
I had to settle for a flashlight
that wasn't nearly as cool as the science experiments,
the craft projects, mazes, riddles
in those old issues of Cricket and Humpty Dumpty.
Some puzzles took me longer than others
to work out.

-- Carl Bettis

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